Monday, July 13, 2015

A pair of kings and all in

Many players are loosing a lot of money because the way they play AA and KK. I met many who are raise just a little with such hand and then no matter the pot they are putting everything.
My advice is never to let the opponents see easily the flop when you are holding such hand. A serious raise (or even all in depending on the stack and the type of game you play) is the best solution. There are two main reasons why I prefer this kind of play.
First, you don’t allow drawing hand to catch something on the flop as flush or straight or two pairs. Most of the time even if you see that you are loosing the game (for instance there are four spades and four players – the chance no one to hold at least one spade is very small) is very hard to fold such hand.
Second, from time to time you will be playing with fishes or players in the so called tilt or just too loose players who will call you with not so serious cards as AT, QA, KQ etc. And they will turn you pairs into a very profitable hand.


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