Thursday, July 16, 2015

Full house crashes straight or how hard is to fold

Low limit game I am entering the pot with one raise in front of me: mythos1981. Flop is on my side and I pay for second time the raise of the opponent (he is trying to take out the pot).
Turn is very important card because allows mythos1981 to make a straight which was quite a long shot at the flop. Here he bets again but just three big blinds and although I clearly see the danger of straight or J9 or JT full house I still don’t want to fold.
The river is turning the game again and the straight of mythos1981 now has absolutely no value because only J or 9 is making a full. The only real dangers for me are 99 or JT. mythos1981 is checking instead of betting I am sure that he is now afraid of the situation (there is of course chance is trying to trap me).
The next step is a reasonable one pot bet from me and the opponent is paying instead of folding which wins me a nice pot.

Monday, July 13, 2015

A pair of kings and all in

Many players are loosing a lot of money because the way they play AA and KK. I met many who are raise just a little with such hand and then no matter the pot they are putting everything.
My advice is never to let the opponents see easily the flop when you are holding such hand. A serious raise (or even all in depending on the stack and the type of game you play) is the best solution. There are two main reasons why I prefer this kind of play.
First, you don’t allow drawing hand to catch something on the flop as flush or straight or two pairs. Most of the time even if you see that you are loosing the game (for instance there are four spades and four players – the chance no one to hold at least one spade is very small) is very hard to fold such hand.
Second, from time to time you will be playing with fishes or players in the so called tilt or just too loose players who will call you with not so serious cards as AT, QA, KQ etc. And they will turn you pairs into a very profitable hand.

How to get rich by playing online poker

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Good example is the poker platform where with just $1.1 fee you can reach a tourney with more than 1M in the weekly tourney called Sunday Million. No matter if you are an advanced player or just beginner you loose nothing to try and keep on trying until you hit something.
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Full house or how to bush the opponents when playing tournaments

This bright example of how to press the opponents when playing tournaments especially when they are short stacked.
From the poison of the big blind I see two short stacks at the table who are in the game without raise. With my pair I directly pushed them to go all in or surrender their chips. In that particular case they both of them decided to enter the game (which is the worse scenario with middle pair I strongly prefer to play heads up but anyway I am in comfortable position before the flop is coming down.
Everything is over for the opponents when the turn appears to be the third 7 and on the river they are both drawing dead.
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