Monday, June 29, 2015

Cheating set and all in

We have a classical situation proving the idea that cards like 89 unsuited give the players the freedom to play in a few ways depending on the flop.
Here on better position I pay the raise of PageDown06 who is holding a middle pair on the big blind. On the flop he catches a set of 7’s but there is serious danger for a straight or a flush. Probably that is the reason he is checking instead of betting (or maybe he is trying to trap me). For me with a middle pair it is a perfect free card.
The turn is both for me: good giving me the second pair and very bad allowing a straight if the opponent is holding a 10. PageDown06 is in the same position but this time decides to try and take down the pot. He bets the pot and I gladly pay. For me sitting on a better position is a big advantage: because I can wait to see if I catch full house on the river or another “hearts” so I can pretend to have a flush with a big re-raise.
The river is killing my opponent giving us both full houses. He is putting me on a straight or flush draw so seeing the second 9 is releasing him. The river has the same effect on me making me a sure winner (except of JJ). The following events are as expected: raise, re-raise and all in.

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