Thursday, July 16, 2015

Full house crashes straight or how hard is to fold

Low limit game I am entering the pot with one raise in front of me: mythos1981. Flop is on my side and I pay for second time the raise of the opponent (he is trying to take out the pot).
Turn is very important card because allows mythos1981 to make a straight which was quite a long shot at the flop. Here he bets again but just three big blinds and although I clearly see the danger of straight or J9 or JT full house I still don’t want to fold.
The river is turning the game again and the straight of mythos1981 now has absolutely no value because only J or 9 is making a full. The only real dangers for me are 99 or JT. mythos1981 is checking instead of betting I am sure that he is now afraid of the situation (there is of course chance is trying to trap me).
The next step is a reasonable one pot bet from me and the opponent is paying instead of folding which wins me a nice pot.


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