Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hard to see back door straight

This is bright example of how unexpected poker may be and even if you are well prepared some things are extremely hard to see.
The preflop started with irishpg raising three big blinds the flop; I paid holding good cards and being on better position. WickedMe having good drawing cards paid and the see the flop.
The flop gave us all something: irishpg and I caught the top pair with nice kickers (his was nicer of course but I had nowhere to know it) and WickedMe a very nice flush draw plus a hidden 5 straight draw.
The action was: irishpg raised half the pot and we just paid him. Here came the turn card and WickedMe caught the most unexpected straight from Ace to 5. As it is normal irishpg didn’t noticed the danger and raised again half the pot I paid believing in my J kicker but I was ready to fold if I was to miss the river.
The river was horrible for me: giving me two pairs and no option for flush. WickedMe raised furiously and I paid.