Tuesday, June 30, 2015

J8 is busting pocket rockets and set of 7’s

This game is a sure proof of how unsuccessful slow playing can be. This is sit ‘n’ go one table tournament and I am entering a game without raise in front of me with the fair cards J8.
The flop is really good giving me chance to make a straight with 7 or Q (open ended straight draw). Again the opponents who are most certainly standing on better card miss the opportunity to try and set me out of the game. There is only one pot raise from hazzeri which I gladly pay.
The turn is definitely my card making my straight come true and giving hazzeri set of sevens. He betted the pot again and surprisingly for me the very passive gege1977 re-raised. I was more than confidant to go all in and the other two paid me.
On the river the pocket rockets of gege1977 were drawing dead (what a way to play this great hand) and the hazzeri was seeking to make a full house: every 6, 7, 9 or T was out for him but it just didn’t happen.


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