Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Arrogant play or how to bring down an opponent

It is significant when play online to try and emotionally misbalance your opponents. Of course it is personal matter how you would like to build your poker image but it’s proved very successful to play arrogantly and provoke the other players.
This particular situation is a multi table tournament on a late stage and I am chip leader closely followed by Magicman2k7. Normally at this stage chip leaders are attacking the short stacks and don’t mess with each other. I do exactly the opposite: I attack and try to irritate the other chip leaders on the table.

On the first picture you can see that I managed to set my 8’s and I played as very amateur bluff going all in on the river after the opponent had made three value bets before me and I had just called. Here if I had made a reasonable reraise I would probably be called and won more chips but I decided to be aggressive and Magicman2k7 who definitely had something (probably good king) folded very undesirably.

The exact next hand I got the big slick and Magicman2k7 was standing on KT (king and ten). He raised and reraised him without hesitation. On the flop he caught the king and raised again and I did the exact same thing as the last time: went all in. The opponent was distracted by my pushes (both times he had relatively good cards).
More out of emotion than logic he made the call and I managed to double up.