Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to squeeze the maximum chips from the opponents

Here we have a multi table tournament. It is still the early stages and I tried to play cheaply all the possible drawing hands I received. In this particular situation I played ace and five suited (hand which I would most certainly fold in early position in later stages of the tournament).
The flop is very good giving me nut flush draw. As the same time the flop seems more than prospective for Papi_Flor who is holding flush draw plus gut shot straight draw. He raised reasonably less than half pot and I gladly paid. The surprise here is that the third player - kelly1025 called with only a middle pair.
The turn was very lucky for me not only completing my flush but making the flush of Papi_Flor second nuts. The opponent decided to try and hide his flush just checking on the turn. I liked the idea and repeat the exercise giving kelly1025 chance to see freely the river.
And bingo: the river was exactly what I wanted the second pair in the hands of kelly1025.
Papi_Flor betted only half of the pot and I raised slightly only one big blind. The idea was first not to scare kelly1025 and second to give the ball back to Papi_Flor for re-raise. It happened exactly like planed kelly1025 called and after him Papi_Flor re-raised all in.