Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Poker battle: America versus Europe

I have read a lot of articles in European poker sites that American players are fishes and it is much easier and more profitable to play on platforms with them. Almost the same thing I have read about European players in American poker media. So are the American players fishes or what?

First let's don't forget that the poker and specifically Texas Hold'em is an American game with long traditions in the US and Canada furthermore Las Vegas is the favourite place for the poker pros. So speaking about high limits probably American players are the kings. But there is something else - maybe because of the fact that there in contradiction to Europe almost everybody is playing poker on-line on the low and middle limits there are a lot of player without real poker skills. I believe this is the true reason for us to consider the US and Canadian players weaker.

Here I should mention that players across Europe are very different as skills, discipline and tactics. According to my personal experience British players (and in Britain gambling is part of the culture itself) are the most serious and on every level you can meat really good players. After them I would put the Scandinavian players (I am avoiding them as well) and then German and French who are not bad but I personally don't mind to play with them. Worst and easy tilting are the Slavic people (among them and my countrymates from Bulgaria) and it is really a small celebration if I manage to find a table with predomination Slavic players.


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