Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Unbelievable catch on the river

This is story about luck and respectable being very unlucky. This is a multi table tournament I raise with my favorite 2 plus A (Ace) and got called from the big blind.
On the flop I managed to catch an Ace but PinkLady70 is no very good position with two pairs. She betted half a pot and I paid believing that being on poison I can react better to the following cards: If she was drawing for diamond and not get it I could get more money from her or if she was standing on better Ace and there is diamond I could bluff het out – the advantage of being on position.
On the river I got a card which could be both my lucky and my deadly because I made two pairs but at the same time it opened the possible flush. PinkLady70 checked and I listened to my intuition bet very seriously (one pot). She pressed me all in and I was at the alternative to loose more then half of my stack. It would be the right decision to fold here being reraised meant that PinkLady70 has overplayed me with her flush and will take my chips. I called knowing that it was wrong but again trusting my intuition.
The show down was spectacular and I knew I was loosing it almost for sure. The river card but had its own opinion about it and I was the happy winner.