Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Should we slowplay the drawing hands?

This is a cash game in FullTilt Poker and on the small blind I paid the raised of toreds (3 big blinds).
The flop looked really perfect for me giving me the top pair and nut flush draw. toreds tried to take it with a pot raised and I was at the dilemma should I just pay or reraise here. I was sure that he is not on over pair because his preflop raise didn’t show so great strength. He was either on middle pair or on two over cards. I just paid and wait for the turn – if he was on middle pair and managed to set he would betted seriously there.
On the turn toreds didn’t bet which convinced me that he had completely missed the flop and here if I had bet I would bring down the pot but I decided to slowplay and let him catch something on the river (I hope I got the flush and the opponent an over card).
The river didn’t complete my flush but on the other hand it didn’t seem as scary card because I still got the tens. I raise one pot and the opponent reraised me twice and I paid.


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