Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hard Choices

Poker is not a game of card but a game of situations
Here we have a multi table tournament and a very nice starting hand QQ (a pair of queens) and perfect position to play it. I raised only 5 big blinds in order to keep more players in the game and got called by the small blind PASHIA and surprisingly re-raised by the big blind MDW2002. Because of my late position on the table and my not so strong raise it could looked as steal in the eyes of PASHIA who had this advantage of the drawing hand (if you don’t catch the flop it is very easy to fold) so his call here looked really on place. On the other hand the double re-raise of MDW2002 show a great power and I easily put him on strong over-pair (QQ, KK or AA) or ace-king (AK). I preferred to just call and let him be the aggressor. PASHIA who already have made a call had no choice but to call again – he was just stacked between two raises.
The flop could hardly be better for me – setting my queens and there were no scary card as king or ace. The only really threat for me would be 8T or TK but I was almost sure that nobody would pay 10 big blind with such marginal hands (I was wrong about it because PASHIA actually did it). So, PASHIA checked and MDW2002 whose hand look really good as well (he had just an ace to be really afraid of) betted the pot and there was immediate all in raise (it was equal to double re-raise) from me. Here PASHIA called with his pair of nines and open ended straight draw (this is situation where he normally could have more outs than if he had only the OESD – because except of all the eights and all the kings – all the nines and all the tens could do it for him). Of course, having raise and re-raise here he should be aware that he is behind in the hand and fold. MDW2002 paid as well.
The turn and the river were neutral cards and I managed to treble up.