Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hard to fold a set of kings.

Poker is game of hard choices and the most one let their emotions to take a part in the game the worse the result is to be. Here is a typical example of how hard is to do the right thing.

I am playing a six players cash table  and on the worse position "under the gun" I got a pair of kings. A hand that should be played very aggressively. Instead of doing that, pursuing my idea of how I should play equally all good starting hands in order to hide their real value from the other players on the table: I decided to raise just two blinds as normal. I was called by four players.

The flop was both good: giving me a set of kings and very bad allowing a flush on the table. I did what was the rightist thing to do: serious one pot raise and I was paid by Lainie_Jack. By not raising me he most certainly set me a trap: because of his better position he could wait for another card and possible second raise from me.

The turn changed the situation on the table once again. I knew that I was beat most probably and i just checked with the idea of folding on a raise. Lainie_Jack from his point of view was not so sure winner any more because I could very highly have jack, queen or ace of hearts. He decided just to check behind me.

The river did not changed anything. I checked which was indicating serious weakness this time. Lainie_Jack betted only half of the pot which showed he was not comfortable with the community cards as well. He I should have done one of the two things: fold or seriously re-raise to bluff him out. Regretfully for me I did the worst thing and just called.