Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shootout tournaments: the ultimate poker experience.

Shootout tournaments are great option for players who want a non-stop action on the table. Here every mistake can be fatal and every hesitation is normally punished.
Here is the final of a small (8 players) shootout tourney. After half an hour of out bluffing each other this appeared to be most important hand. jeffjos666 raised three times the big blind and I paid with my suited connectors. The pot looked good for the opponent because there were no over cards he raised again 3/4 of the pot. On my side; a pair plus open ended straight draw was good enough for a call. The river completed my straight: it was really not very likely that jeffjos666 was holding a 9 - with his preflop raise I guessed that he either on two over cards or on a small pair. He raised 3/4 of the pot again and I was sure that he has hit a set. This was good for me and I shoved all in. jeffjos666 paid after serious consideration which made me sure that I will win this hand.

After the opponent was seriously harmed it was time for the killing hit. I started shoving everything on his easy melting stack and I was paid with A6. It was an irony that he managed to hit 6 but after all he was eliminated and I was victorious.