Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Biggest Online Poker Pot Record Broken 4 Times

Yesterday was an impressive day for online poker, as the record for the biggest online poker pot ever was broken 4 times in just a few hours.

FTPRailheaven and Gusheaven, the two $500/$1000 NLHE tables, were the center of attention, as the record for the largest online poker pot ever was broken four times in a matter of hours there.

Railheaven and Gusheaven have proven to be the right tables when it comes to large cash game pots over the past few months. Stars like Patrik Antonius, David Benyamine, John Juanda or Phil Ivey play there and the record for the biggest online hand keeps getting broken there each week basically.

However, this record was not only broken once, but four times yesterday, and all in a matter of hours:

Tom "durrrr" Dwan started the action, winning a $618,000 pot against "LarsLuzak". On a 9c5d2s flop, durrrr held Ad9d, while LarsLuzak had 6d4s. With just a gutshot, Lars Luzak called the flop reraise and the turn bet and after not improving, pushed all-in on the blank river. Durrrr made the call with top two pair.

The next big hand - arguably the most upsetting one - was won by John Juanda, who held KcKs, while his opponent, Tom Dwan, had AhAc. They both went all-in preflop, and while things looked good for Dwan, the river showed Kh and Juanda took the $678,000 pot.

The next hand had Juanda again, this time against Phil Ivey: Juanda had Ks8s and Ivey had ThTd. With the flop showing Ac5sTs, Ivey already had the trips, but Juanda was aiming for the flush so he continued. However, the(turn)3c and(river)9h were of no help to Juanda, and so Ivey won $687,000 with this hand.

The biggest hand of the evening - and the biggest one ever - was quite similar to the second hand and was was between Di "Urindanger" Dang and Tom "durrrr" Dwan. The flop came 5h9c4c and Urindanger went all-in, as he had AsAd, while durrrr called with his KdKs. However, no king emerged on the turn or river, and Urindanger managed to win $723,000, the biggest online pot ever.

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