Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shootout tournaments: the ultimate poker experience.

Shootout tournaments are great option for players who want a non-stop action on the table. Here every mistake can be fatal and every hesitation is normally punished.
Here is the final of a small (8 players) shootout tourney. After half an hour of out bluffing each other this appeared to be most important hand. jeffjos666 raised three times the big blind and I paid with my suited connectors. The pot looked good for the opponent because there were no over cards he raised again 3/4 of the pot. On my side; a pair plus open ended straight draw was good enough for a call. The river completed my straight: it was really not very likely that jeffjos666 was holding a 9 - with his preflop raise I guessed that he either on two over cards or on a small pair. He raised 3/4 of the pot again and I was sure that he has hit a set. This was good for me and I shoved all in. jeffjos666 paid after serious consideration which made me sure that I will win this hand.

After the opponent was seriously harmed it was time for the killing hit. I started shoving everything on his easy melting stack and I was paid with A6. It was an irony that he managed to hit 6 but after all he was eliminated and I was victorious.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It’s good to be good it’s better to be lucky

This is example about the crucial part of the luck in the game of poker. This player did the stupidest thing by going all in with such cards and some how managed to take the pot away.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Should we slowplay the drawing hands?

This is a cash game in FullTilt Poker and on the small blind I paid the raised of toreds (3 big blinds).
The flop looked really perfect for me giving me the top pair and nut flush draw. toreds tried to take it with a pot raised and I was at the dilemma should I just pay or reraise here. I was sure that he is not on over pair because his preflop raise didn’t show so great strength. He was either on middle pair or on two over cards. I just paid and wait for the turn – if he was on middle pair and managed to set he would betted seriously there.
On the turn toreds didn’t bet which convinced me that he had completely missed the flop and here if I had bet I would bring down the pot but I decided to slowplay and let him catch something on the river (I hope I got the flush and the opponent an over card).
The river didn’t complete my flush but on the other hand it didn’t seem as scary card because I still got the tens. I raise one pot and the opponent reraised me twice and I paid.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How important is to know the rules very well

This is perfect example of how important is to know the rules of the game before you sit down at a table. It is multi table tournament (MTT) and the two heroes are: KUZIA and BOURBON222.
On the preflop with his weak Ace BOURBON222 decided to make a small raise and was paid by KUZIA who was sitting on a low pair. The flop missed them both so they checked.
On the turn BOURBON222 caught an eight so he betted half of the pot and reasonably was paid by the opponent who had its right to suspect that his 55 are good. The river changed the whole complexion of the game: because on the board there where two pairs QQ and 77 and KUZIA pocket pair had no value. Even if I had stayed in the game with my J2 would in front.
BOURBON222 betted the pot and KUZIA – the most wrong move (if he had reraised he had a chance of taking the pot after all).

Poker battle: America versus Europe

I have read a lot of articles in European poker sites that American players are fishes and it is much easier and more profitable to play on platforms with them. Almost the same thing I have read about European players in American poker media. So are the American players fishes or what?

First let's don't forget that the poker and specifically Texas Hold'em is an American game with long traditions in the US and Canada furthermore Las Vegas is the favourite place for the poker pros. So speaking about high limits probably American players are the kings. But there is something else - maybe because of the fact that there in contradiction to Europe almost everybody is playing poker on-line on the low and middle limits there are a lot of player without real poker skills. I believe this is the true reason for us to consider the US and Canadian players weaker.

Here I should mention that players across Europe are very different as skills, discipline and tactics. According to my personal experience British players (and in Britain gambling is part of the culture itself) are the most serious and on every level you can meat really good players. After them I would put the Scandinavian players (I am avoiding them as well) and then German and French who are not bad but I personally don't mind to play with them. Worst and easy tilting are the Slavic people (among them and my countrymates from Bulgaria) and it is really a small celebration if I manage to find a table with predomination Slavic players.