Monday, May 25, 2015

What should you do with a straight flush on the table?

Often in poker we are about to take hard decision based on our judgment. We have all the necessary info in front of us and what we really need is intuition plus luck.
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Hard to get beat by a set

One of the worst scenarios for every poker player is when finally they got a set and someone else managed to beat them. This thing happened here to Godea who after a series of weak cards and two hours of persistent folding finally reached something valuable as set of 9’s. And after fast reraising they both went all in early on the flop.
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Friday, May 15, 2015

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Unbelievable catch on the river

This is story about luck and respectable being very unlucky. This is a multi table tournament I raise with my favorite 2 plus A (Ace) and got called from the big blind.
On the flop I managed to catch an Ace but PinkLady70 is no very good position with two pairs. She betted half a pot and I paid believing that being on poison I can react better to the following cards: If she was drawing for diamond and not get it I could get more money from her or if she was standing on better Ace and there is diamond I could bluff het out – the advantage of being on position.
On the river I got a card which could be both my lucky and my deadly because I made two pairs but at the same time it opened the possible flush. PinkLady70 checked and I listened to my intuition bet very seriously (one pot). She pressed me all in and I was at the alternative to loose more then half of my stack. It would be the right decision to fold here being reraised meant that PinkLady70 has overplayed me with her flush and will take my chips. I called knowing that it was wrong but again trusting my intuition.
The show down was spectacular and I knew I was loosing it almost for sure. The river card but had its own opinion about it and I was the happy winner.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

8 & T suited busted pocket rockets

Here is very goo example of how unhappy one can be to have AA (pocket rockets) sometimes. Surely it is far better to flop a straight draw with yours 8 and T but the ideal poker situation is to do it when somebody is actually let you see the next hand.
This is very classical poker situation when you holding AA are wondering how to take more money from your opponents. You decided to let them see more cards but as well as profitable it can be a very dangerous.
In this case the player with the drawing hand catches the cards he wants and the monster handed guy does not know how to fold such hand and brings him disaster.

Hard to fold a set of kings.

Poker is game of hard choices and the most one let their emotions to take a part in the game the worse the result is to be. Here is a typical example of how hard is to do the right thing.

I am playing a six players cash table  and on the worse position "under the gun" I got a pair of kings. A hand that should be played very aggressively. Instead of doing that, pursuing my idea of how I should play equally all good starting hands in order to hide their real value from the other players on the table: I decided to raise just two blinds as normal. I was called by four players.

The flop was both good: giving me a set of kings and very bad allowing a flush on the table. I did what was the rightist thing to do: serious one pot raise and I was paid by Lainie_Jack. By not raising me he most certainly set me a trap: because of his better position he could wait for another card and possible second raise from me.

The turn changed the situation on the table once again. I knew that I was beat most probably and i just checked with the idea of folding on a raise. Lainie_Jack from his point of view was not so sure winner any more because I could very highly have jack, queen or ace of hearts. He decided just to check behind me.

The river did not changed anything. I checked which was indicating serious weakness this time. Lainie_Jack betted only half of the pot which showed he was not comfortable with the community cards as well. He I should have done one of the two things: fold or seriously re-raise to bluff him out. Regretfully for me I did the worst thing and just called.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What cards to win/loose 4 400 dollars

This is a heads-up tournament  between omgwhataclown and Pot Odds 3 with 4 400 dollars price. On the flop omgwhataclown pushed the opponent all in and the game (it was the fourth dealing) this tournament was settled in one game.
It was completely wrong play from both players: first on this flop even with set is quite unreasonable to push all in because you will normally get paid only if you are beaten (the opponent has flush).
Second Pot Odds 3 made a horrible pay on pair of aces (if he had a king of diamonds it could probably make more sense but on top pair in this case is quite a lost cause.